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Aerial Imaging
Moisture Detection Services
Deft Virtual Tours

Advanced Imaging

  • We embrace technology solutions but appreciate that their role is to augment the skills of the consultant, not replace them.
  • Deft's partnership with Planitar is enabling us to rewrite the field inspection script through our dedicated use of their iGUIDE 360 technology.  Virtual tours are standard with Deft's product.
  • Utilizing a combination of thermal imaging and surface testing secured systematically over the lifespan of a claim, Deft can confidently steer emergency services, mitigation efforts, and rebuild scope.
  • Deft is hyper-selective with its choice of remote pilots. We recruit only FAA certified airmen with outstanding field track records to minimize dangers associated with drone flights ensuring our clients are provided a worry-free experience.
  • Deft promotes a culture which embraces technology. Our corner of the financial services industry was slower to adapt to modern software solutions than our Fintech cousins however, our meteoric catch up is well underway.
Claims Handling
Dispute Resolution