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The Deft Difference


Deft Claims confidently embraces the challenge of integrating tomorrow’s technology into our proven claims handling systems. We do not hide from the inevitability that our industry is in the preliminary stages of a massive overhaul. Technology is certain to win the day and we assure our clients that Deft Claims will be a part of that winning team.


Deft Claims constantly reviews, criticizes, and corrects our systems. The same systems proven to keep our clients, and their insureds, informed during our efficient handling of their claims. The same systems proven to allow our adjusters to thrive in the most stringent of claims handling environments. The same systems which allow our administrative staff and adjusters to collaborate in order to maximize the overall potential of Deft Claims


Deft Claims emphasizes to our staff the importance of empathy when dealing with insureds, clients, and co-workers alike. We understand that a claim is the product of another’s misfortune and we strive to reflect that comprehension in the way we conduct ourselves. We understand that compassionate communications are the key to successful relationships..


Offering Solutions, Not Excuses.

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Locations We Service

Our ever-scrutinized and quickly expanding roster emphasizes Gulf States coverage. However, please visit our roster link for a full list of markets which we currently staff. Deft Claims also stands ready to provide solutions for your catastrophe claims needs.


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