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Daily Claim Handling
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Claims Handling

  • Through experience, Deft has curated a catastrophe claim handling process which is second to none in the industry.  Expeditious and exhaustive imagery gathering enables us to steer the direction of the claim from day one and in turn put our clients in the best possible position to settle quickly and fairly.
  • We truly appreciate that in most cases our consultants engage in the only face to face interaction between our clients and their policyholders. We do not underestimate the significance our team’s performance on the policyholder’s long-term impression of their insurance company.
  • We are not a firm that attempts to cater to every corner of the industry.  Rather, we have a keen focus on providing a tailored product unique to the commercial and high net worth space.
  • With the same focus on complex claims handling, Deft maintains a network of highly vetted consultants with the designations and certifications to support their roles. Our executive team has personally interviewed every consultant assigned to be involved in the handling of our clients' assignments.
  • We appreciate the necessary resourcefulness that complex claims handling demands and in turn constantly expand our network and tool kit. We provide our team access to industry leading experts, superior technology and estimation databases necessary to meet the unique challenges of Deft assignments.
Advanced Imaging
Dispute Resolution