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Cost Estimation
Repair Scope Assessment
Mitigation Management
Invoice Auditing
Underwriting Analysis
Claims Clerking


  • We are in the constant pursuit of data collection, retention, and processing innovations for the purpose of providing our clients the information they need to protect themselves against future litigation.    
  • The Deft Team truly appreciates the value of a diverse network. We go out of our way to foster relationships industry wide with the sole intention of putting our clients in the best possible position to settle their claims against.    
  • We draw from nearly 100 years of combined experience in claims handling when assessing the unique challenges commercial and high net worth property claims present our clients. It is demanded of our team that they go the extra mile to understand policy as you can guarantee that the public adjuster and counsel on the other side of the table has broken the binder.    
  • We stand ready to step in at any point in the life cycle of the claim to provide expertise while drawing upon Deft’s claims handling, appraisal, technology and overall network resources to customize solutions for our clients.
Claims Handling
Advanced Imaging
Dispute Resolution